Our Mission

We are experienced physicians that understand that you are tired of:

  • Feeling confused and frustrated about your health and how to fix it

  • Waiting weeks to see your physician and then leaving appointments feeling like you didn't get enough time

  • Getting a pill for every problem, just to develop new problems from the pills

  • Sick of paying an exorbitant amount for health care

At Beyond Medicine, we want to fix these deficits of the health care system, as well. Our goal is to target the root cause of your medical issues and undo that harm. We don't want to add in medications or supplements. In fact, we strive to get you off of your medications by addressing the underlying reasons for your diagnoses.

You may be suffering from a number of chronic diseases - high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, just to name a few. Did you know that as much as 80% of chronic disease can be addressed by lifestyle modifications, and many diagnoses can even be reversed? The way you live your life can save your life. The medical literature that supports our methods is astounding and growing.

This is a brand new, patient-focused way of practicing health care. We have fewer patients, Our visits are longer. You can easily reach us. We explain your health problems, how you develop them, and how you can reverse them. We create personalized plans to address your nutrition, sleep, stress, and exercise to help you live longer, healthier, and happier.

We are different than the doctors you've seen before. Consider us your Disease Reversalists. Curious? Send an email or give us a call, or go to our FAQ section if you have more questions. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Community building through our group sessions to help you learn from and relate to others undergoing the same lifestyle modifications.

  • The care doesn't end with the sessions. We keep an eye on you, coaching you, and encouraging improvement! We provide personalized health optimization for your medical issues, personal goals, and obstacles!

What we offer:

  • Nutrition counseling tailored for your health issues, including methods of adhering to a healthy diet

  • Disease education about your specific diagnoses

  • Deep dive into your medications to explain what they are and how they work

  • Physical activity counseling

  • Sleep improvement

  • Stress management

  • These sessions occur as individual or group sessions. See our Prices and Plans page for details.



What is Plant-Based Nutrition?

Plant-based nutrition is, simply, obtaining your food from plant sources. While sometimes called a "vegan diet," this is not wholly accurate. There are many vegan foods that are not plant-based, most of them being highly processed foods that are overall not good for health.

We advocate a plant-based nutrition approach, coming from whole foods. This is our recommendation because current literature has supported this form of food consumption as the healthiest and the most protective against chronic disease, including heart disease and cancer.

This type of dietary change is often seen as difficult by people who are reluctant to start on it. We aim to demystify it for our patients and show how people can integrate this diet into their lives without feeling like they're missing out.

There are many fad diets currently being talked about. This is not one of those diets. It is a sustainable form of eating, doesn't focus on calorie-restriction, and has a body of literature to support it.

If this seems like it's too much for you, that's okay! We will help integrate healthy eating into your life when you come to see us, no matter what restrictions or hesitation you may have. Don't be reluctant to reach out!

Below are some examples of plant-based foods that show that you don't have to just eat salad.


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Vegetable skewers.

Corn, tomato, onion, peppers.