Healthy Habit Building is a Process

The prevention and reversal of disease is based on a few key pillars; nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and the avoidance of harmful substances like smoking.  Each plan will have you work with an MD trained in these areas.  Together, you will learn exactly what your condition(s) is/are, how the medications you are on or may soon be on will work, and what the root causes of the disease are.  Building on that understanding, you will learn how to change each pillar to optimize your health.  Changing the way a person lives life is not easy, so your doctor will be checking in on you, coaching you, and encouraging you.  Your appointments will provide ample time for an unhurried discussion between you and your doctor. You get an unlimited number of appointments for the duration of your membership.

The intensive plan will add on to all of this.  It will enable you to join in small groups to learn the practical skills and support sessions to make these changes. For example, we will discuss how to cook healthy meals, how to go grocery shopping, or how to meditate.  Additionally, participants will talk with each other about challenges and obstacles, and tactics used to find success. The support of people making the same commitment to change and improvement is just as important as your dedication to making changes.  Making positive change is easier and more likely to last when there is a group of people supporting you. There will be twelve unique sessions throughout the year, and you will have access to all of them.

Within one household, the cost of each additional member is 25% off. Call or email us to discuss this option.

Membership Options

If you prefer to pay with a different method or discuss options, contact us here! Currently, each plan is $400 off!


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