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Jack is a successful small business owner in his 50s, widowed, with two teenage kids. He is active, friendly, a little overweight, and recently had an episode of chest pain that terrified him. He describes it as a giant vice on his chest that made it hard for him to breath and caused him to vomit. Emergency stents relieved his symptoms, but he still had sustained some damage from the heart attack. His cardiologist warned him that the stents were not curative and that he would need to change his life if he’s going to prevent another one. He was told that open heart bypass surgery could help him. He now takes multiple medications, multiple times per day, for blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart protection. He doesn’t want surgery, but he also desperately needs to improve his health for his children.  He has never thought about his health seriously, until now.  

The Beyond Medicine Clinic physicians are here for just this problem.  We can clarify your choices, and guide you with the research-based methods for heart disease reversal.  

Through the care and methods Beyond Medicine teaches, patients like Jack have had resolution of their chest pain, improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, and are active.


Diane has a full-time job, is married, and has two kids in middle school and loves to sing karaoke. A few years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes. This was devastating to her as she knew multiple members of her family that had diabetes and had gone blind or had limbs amputated from the disease. Over time, she made her peace with her affliction and figured she had little control over what her genetics would be putting her through in the coming decades. At first, things were in control with just one pill that she would take in addition to her high blood pressure and high cholesterol medications. As time went on, she added more pills to control the diabetes, and then injections of insulin, and then medicine for the nerve pain in her legs caused by diabetes. She needed to start seeing a pain management doctor because the pain was so terrible. She is now taking a handful of medications twice per day and needed to buy a pill box, just to keep from getting confused about what she has and hasn’t taken already. 

She was becoming depressed until she came upon some research saying that she was in control of her own genes; that what she did in her life changes what genes in her body did and didn’t do. She read a book on how to change what she ate and moved and started to read more. She asked her doctor about it, but it took a month to get an appointment, and her doctor had never heard of any of this. This surprised her because her doctor was very good. Her doctor said that diabetes like hers is a one-way street, but that she could hope to minimize the effects of it. She took a few months to read more on her own, but she wasn’t sure what to read, a few more months to plan things out but wasn’t sure exactly what she should be planning to do, but then she started changing her lifestyle anyway. Though her family supports and loves her, they did not like the meals she is trying to cook for them, so she now has to figure out two meals every evening after work, instead of one.  

The Beyond Medicine Clinic physicians are trained in just this area, and they are always reachable. This is a community approach; people support each other.  The practical skills and support sessions are designed to help you integrate your lifestyle choices into modern, family-oriented life.  

Through the care and methods Beyond Medicine teaches, patients like Diane have improved their Hemoglobin A1C levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and have spouses and kids eager for dinner.

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